Use Google Lens on Apple iPhone, iPad

Google Lens is a content recognition app from Google that retrieves more information from an image. This includes language translation, getting information on products, Menu from several restaurants and getting background information on monuments, places and more.

At the time of launch, this app was restricted to only Google Pixel devices and later Google started rolling out for other Android and iOS devices. It made easier for users to access this feature by adding it to the Google Photos app. However, there’s a separate app called Google Lens for Android smartphones, but that’s not the case with an iPhone or iPad. In a recent update, Google has added the Google Lens icon directly into the search bar of the Google app.

So, in case you also want to use this feature on your iPhone and iPad, here’re a few ways you can Get Google Lens on your iOS device.

First things first 

iOS does not have an official Google Lens app, and there is no need to download any third party app for this as well. As you need is either Google Photos app or Google app installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to follow: Download the required apps 

1. Open Apple App store

2. Search for Google Photos and Google app

3. Download both the apps on your device.

Method 1: Using Google Lens with Google Photos

  1. Open Google Photos app
  2. Login using your Gmail account
  3. Now, open the camera and take a picture
  4. Head back to the Google Photos
  5. Open the photo taken
  6. Tap on the ‘Google Lens’ icon (third icon from left)
  7. Wait for it to scan and process the information related to that photo.


Method 2: Using the Google app

  1. Open the Google app
  2. Point your camera at the object and tap on it
  3. It will automatically retrieve all the information related to the image.

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