How To Check Your Computer (PC) Performance States?

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How To Check Computer Performance

It is very important that you know about your computer (PC), and what is your computer’s performance and how it‘s work. Every person thought that his computer is working very well, but it is important that you know about your computers performance.

Here are some simple 5 steps to check your Computers Performance States in few min.


Step 1. Firstly, you go to your PC Desktop and then just right click on your “My Computer” icon and click on properties.

Computers Performance States

Step 2. After clicking on properties, you will open your Computers Control Panel Home menu. And then you just click on “Windows Experience Index” to go next step.

Computers Performance States

Step 3. When you click on this “Windows Experience Index” then you will open a new control panel menu for next step and now you just click on “re-run the assessment” sign.

NOTE: (If you are using laptop then it is compulsory that your laptop will connect with laptop charger.)Computers Performance States

Step 4. After the click on “re-run the assessment” sign your compute will automatically counting your Computers Performance States in few min.

Computers Performance States


Stem 5. After the processing this you can see the result of your computer (PC) performance just link these:

Computers Performance States

Check Computer Performance States

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