How to Add, Delete and Report Comments in Google Search Results

Google is making its Search platform more informative than it already was. The Mountain View-based firm is making this possible by letting users add comments in search results. They can not only add comments but also delete, like, dislike or even report them. “You can leave comments on things you’ve searched for on Google, like a sports game.

You can also read and rate comments left by others,” says the dedicated support. However, it has been made clear that comments in Google Search are not available in different languages. In case you were wondering how to do that, follow these steps:

How to add a comment in Google search results

1. Open or Google app on your smartphone 2. Search anything you want
3. Tap or click on more in the overview box
4. Select the option ‘Comments’ followed by ‘Viewers’
5. Now, tap or click Add a public comment
6. Type your comment and post

How to delete a comment Google search results

1. Open Google app or on your PC or smartphone 2. Search the keyword you commented on
3. Click or tap on ‘More’, followed by ‘Comments’ and ‘Viewers’
4. Look for your comment and click or tap on ‘More’
5. Select the option ‘Delete’ to remove your comment

How to view and report others comments

1. Open and do a search 2. From the overview box, tap on More
3. Select the comment you want to read
4. You can also click or tap on Áll comments or Top comments to read all of them

This feature also allows users to Like, Dislike or report a comment by tapping on the respective options.

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